While it's true that blacksmiths can collect anvils, anvils are known for collecting owners! Anvils will often outlive the person who bought them and are still very much useful so the market for old anvils thrives and you can find these on DoneDeal or Adverts.ie. But a brand new anvil is tricky.

A brand new anvil will function the exact same as an old anvil. But buying directly from the manufacturer means it's in pristine condition - no chips, the face is as hard as it should be, and so on.

This page is about finding a new anvil in Ireland.

RIDGID - Peddinghaus Anvils, stands, etc

The Ridge Tool company (RIDGID) are the current manufacturers of Peddinghaus anvils. The EU line of products come in 30kg, 75kg, and 150kg sizes. Brochure https://www.ridgid.eu/ie/en/anvils

AEF LTD - AEF LTD is an Irish distributor of RIDGID tools. They can order the anvils from the manufacturing location in Germany. AEF can arrange shipping from Dublin to you if required. They will take a prepayment, order in the anvil and deliver it. They don't usually keep them in stock, so you need to email and arrange for them to order it in.