Erasmus Project – European Iron Academy

There is no uniform basic education for blacksmiths and metal designers in Europe. While the dual system is stipulated in German-speaking regions, there is no education at all in some countries. The mission of the Erasmus+ project “European Iron Academy” is to establish an overview and, in a second step, link existing offers and establish common levels.

Would-be blacksmiths and metal designers find very different conditions when they seek basic education in their countries. This finding has been solidified through months of research with the six partners of the “European Iron Academy” (Raseko-Akademy/Finland, Mondra Opleidingen bv/Netherlands, Museum Komenskeho/Czechia, Tannhäuser-Schmiede/Austria, Associazione Autonoma per la Biennale d’Arte Fabbrile/Italy and Europäisches Zentrum für Zeitgemäße Metallgestaltung in Kolbermoor/Germany).

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